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March 03, 2023


1. The spray booth adopts a multi-stage sprinkler system, which reduces the amount of paint fog in the exhaust gas of the spray booth by 30%, and reduces the load of air duct cleaning and exhaust gas treatment.

2. The response speed of tracking spraying is fast, and fixed-point spraying reduces paint consumption, saving more than 10% of paint.
3. Utilize the waste heat of the exhaust gas of the high-temperature furnace, and pass through the heat chamber exchanger of the drying furnace to achieve the effect of energy saving.
4. The 3-stage design of the high-temperature furnace prevents the heat in the furnace from being lost through the conveyor belt, and the transition mechanism ensures smooth transportation and long-term operation stability.
5. The interior paint line and interior paint ceramic process can be quickly converted, saving process time
6. There are fewer empty chains in the whole line, which reduces the number of fixtures.
7. The conveyor belt is heightened, which is 60mm longer than the original traditional chain, which strengthens the stability of the conveyor belt and reduces the shaking of the workpiece.
8. The rotation mechanism of the outer paint line adopts a belt transmission device, which makes the workpiece rotate at a stable and uniform speed when it enters, ensuring the quality and stability of the workpiece spraying
9. The exhaust gas of the high-temperature furnace adopts frequency conversion power exhaust, which is reasonably distributed and meets the technical requirements of various coatings and ceramic oils. It can ensure that the coating of the workpiece does not have a color. Contact Us!

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