What is automobile spraying production line?

March 28, 2024

The automobile spraying production line is an indispensable process in the automobile manufacturing industry. The automobile spraying production line is responsible for covering the automobile body with coating to protect the base material and beautify the appearance. With the continuous development of the automobile manufacturing industry, the technology and technology of automobile spraying production lines are also constantly improving.

I will discuss with you around the process flow and technical application of the automotive spraying production line.

automobile spraying production line

1. Process flow of automobile spraying production line

1) Pretreatment: It is a pretreatment for automobile parts. Its function is to remove dirt and grease on the surface to provide better adhesion for the coating.

2) Primer spraying: Automatic spraying equipment sprays primer evenly on the surface of automobile parts, providing a foundation for subsequent coatings, repairing color, and improving adhesion for subsequent topcoats.

Automatic spraying equipment

3) Topcoat spraying: The automatic spraying equipment sprays the topcoat evenly on the primer, and determines the number of sprays according to the required coating thickness to form a final coating that meets the requirements, achieving aesthetics and protection.

4) Curing: The sprayed products are moved to the curing oven equipment through an automated conveying system to dry the automotive surface coating. The high-temperature sealed environment can accelerate the drying of the coating, improve the stability of the coating and reduce the curing time, thus improving production. efficiency.

5) Quality inspection: After curing, the cured product will be rapidly cooled and then sent to the lower part area, where the quality and uniformity of the coating will be checked. Products with uneven or defective coatings are subject to secondary treatment.

2. Application of automobile spraying technology

curing oven equipment

1) Robot spraying: With the continuous development of automation and intelligent technology, robot spraying has become an important part of the automobile coating production line. Robotic spraying can technically improve the accuracy and uniformity of spraying. In terms of production costs, it can solve the problems of dust-related occupational diseases and difficulty in recruiting people. It can also reduce labor costs. Robotic automated spraying production lines can effectively realize the production direction of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. , improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

2) High-pressure airless spraying: Use high pressure to spray paint onto the surface of the car body, improving paint utilization and reducing waste and pollution.

3) Automatic color matching system: According to the color and model of automobile parts, the system automatically prepares corresponding paint to improve the accuracy and efficiency of color matching.

4) Environmentally friendly coatings: With the improvement of environmental awareness, automobile spraying production lines have also begun to use new environmentally friendly coatings to reduce environmental pollution.

5) Supporting environmental protection equipment: Each region will have local environmental protection requirements. Industrial emissions must meet local required emission standards. The environmental protection equipment supporting the coating production line can promote green production.

environmental protection equipment

The automobile spraying production line is an indispensable process in the automobile manufacturing industry. With the development direction of automation and intelligence in industrial production, automobile spraying production lines are also advancing with the times. From robot spraying to the application of environmentally friendly coatings, they all reflect the advancement of technology and the improvement of environmental awareness.

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