Usage process of automobile painting production line

April 09, 2024

The automobile painting production line is a link that cannot be ignored in the automobile manufacturing process. It mainly paints automobile bumpers, wheels hub caps, wheel hubs, fuel tanks, plastic parts, frames and other parts to protect the vehicle from the external environment. The effect is to improve the appearance and service life of the vehicle.

I will introduce to you the use process of the automobile painting production line. If you are interested, you can read on.

1. Pre-treatment before painting

When using the automobile painting production line, the first thing that needs to be done is to perform a series of pre-treatment work on the automobile, including cleaning, rust removal, oil removal and other steps of the automobile parts. The purpose of this is to improve the adhesion effect of subsequent coatings. and the aesthetics of the paint surface.

automobile painting production line

2. Selection and use of coatings

According to the desired coating effect on the surface of automobile parts, select the appropriate coating and spraying method, and design a reasonable process flow.

Under normal circumstances, many manufacturers will prepare samples for testing before officially launching production to determine whether the spray color and process procedures can achieve the expected final effect before officially launching production.

Only by controlling every key aspect of production can we produce high-quality products that meet the requirements, because the surface coating effect will directly affect the appearance, texture and aesthetics of the car.

Auto parts painting line

3. Coating process

The coating process is the core part of the car coating production line. It uses a variety of coating techniques and processes. The coating process includes primer, topcoat, varnish and other steps.

The purpose of the primer is to improve the adhesion of the paint, the topcoat is to improve the appearance and protective capabilities of the paint, and the varnish is the last process, which can significantly improve the gloss and durability of the vehicle after spraying.

car coating production line

4. Painting quality control

Quality control of automobile spraying production lines is crucial and directly affects vehicle quality and service life. During the painting process, multiple factors such as paint quality, workshop temperature and humidity, and pressure must be strictly controlled to provide a dust-free spraying environment for the workshop to achieve high-quality painting results.

After the painting is completed, post-processing work such as cleaning, dust removal, and deodorization is performed on the auto parts to improve the appearance and comfort of the vehicle. Finally, a quality inspection is conducted to ensure that vehicle quality and performance meet standards.

surface treatment coating solutions

The automobile painting production line is a complex and precise process that requires extremely high technology and equipment, as well as strict quality control and systematic management. After being put into production, regular maintenance and operating specifications are required to improve the product qualification rate and extend the service life of the coating production line equipment.

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