Why do products sprayed in the coating line have poor gloss?

April 12, 2024

Why do products sprayed in the coating production line have poor gloss? Today we will discuss the reasons and solutions for poor gloss of products after spraying.

Although this problem is very common, its impact cannot be ignored. Usually, the coating cannot achieve the expected gloss effect after drying, or the coating becomes dull and hazy in a short period of time, which not only affects the appearance of the product, but also affects the user experience and service life.

coating production line


There are many reasons for poor gloss of products after spraying on the coating production line, mainly including the following:

1) Improper selection of paint quality: Choosing inappropriate paint will lead to poor gloss.

2) Irregular operation: Spraying is not carried out in accordance with standard operating procedures.

3) Insufficient surface treatment: The surface of the product was not fully treated and cleaned before spraying.

4) Improper control of environmental conditions: Improper control of temperature and humidity will affect the gloss of the coating.

5) Inadequate equipment debugging and maintenance: Incorrect equipment parameter settings or untimely equipment maintenance may lead to poor gloss.


1) Surface treatment: Before spraying, check whether the surface of the workpiece is moist or has acids, salts, salty and other substances stuck to it. Make sure that the surface of the product is dry and clean. Impurities on the surface can be removed through pretreatment equipment.

pretreatment equipment

2) Paint quality and ratio: Check the quality and ratio of paint and thinner, select paint suitable for the product material, and ensure the correct ratio. Improper proportion of paint will reduce dispersion and film-forming properties; store the paint properly and check whether the paint is mixed with water, impurities and other details. If the paint is mixed with water and impurities, it will cause poor gloss of the coating.

3) Environmental control: Check the temperature and humidity of the on-site environment of the coating production line. Humidity greater than 90% will easily cause the coating to lose its luster and the surface of the coating to turn white; too low a temperature will cause the drying time to be too long, and water vapor will accumulate on the surface, causing loss of luster. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust to a suitable range before starting the operation. If necessary, consider using a constant temperature and humidity room.

4) Operating specifications: Check whether the coating production line is operated according to the standards.

For example: Is the paint thoroughly stirred before use? Insufficient stirring will cause the pigment and paint to be in a state of incompatibility, and the sprayed product will naturally have an uneven and matte surface.

Angle of spray equipment

Are the spraying pressure, distance, angle, and speed parameters of the spraying equipment reasonable? If the above parameters are not properly set, it will lead to uneven coating, excessive thickness or sagging, which will affect the gloss of the coating film after drying.

Has the water in the air compressor been cleaned? If the moisture from the air compressor is not cleaned and mixed into the coating, it will deteriorate and cause poor gloss. Spray according to standard operating procedures, ensuring that the paint is fully stirred and spraying parameters are strictly controlled.

5) Equipment maintenance: Regularly maintain and clean the spraying equipment to maintain the stability of the equipment status and accuracy, so that the adhesion, uniformity and gloss of the coating can reach the best state.

spraying equipment maintenance

The above are the common reasons and solutions for poor gloss of products after spraying on the coating production line. Although the problem may seem complicated, as long as you follow the standards and pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, you can reduce the occurrence of similar situations.

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