Process Flow of Automobile Parts Spraying Production Line

May 24, 2024

Automobile parts spraying line is a vital part of the automobile manufacturing industry, which directly affects the appearance quality, durability and overall market competitiveness of automobile products. In order to meet the ever-increasing market demand and customer expectations, modern automobile parts spraying production lines have become more complex and sophisticated.


Let us take a deep look at the process flow of automobile parts spraying production line and experience the exquisite technology and rigorous management contained therein.


Automobile parts spraying line

1. Pretreatment link:


Pretreatment is the first step of the automobile parts spraying production line, and its importance cannot be ignored. In this link, the surface of the accessories is treated with rust removal, oil removal, dust removal, etc. to ensure that the surface is clean and free of impurities, so as to prepare for the subsequent coating process. Sometimes, chemical agents are also needed for treatment, such as phosphating, oxidizing agents, etc., to form a thin film to improve the adhesion and durability of the coating.


Coating production line pretreatment system

2. Primer spraying:


Primer spraying is one of the key steps in the coating of automobile parts. The quality of the primer directly affects the quality and durability of the entire coating process. Under the control of the automated program, the primer is evenly sprayed on the surface of the accessories to improve the anti-corrosion ability and enhance the adhesion of the coating.


3. Topcoat spraying:


auto parts topcoat spraying

Topcoat spraying is one of the key links that determine the appearance of the car. In this step, customers may have a variety of colors and special effects requirements, so the production line is equipped with an automatic color change system to meet different market needs. The spraying thickness and uniformity of the topcoat need to be strictly controlled to ensure the quality and consistency of the car's appearance.


4. Drying link:


Drying is an indispensable part of the painting production line. After the spraying is completed, the accessories need to enter the drying oven for drying to remove excess moisture and solvents to ensure the dryness and stability of the coating surface. During the drying process, the control of temperature and humidity is crucial to avoid defects or quality problems.


Drying and curing oven

5. Post-processing link:


Post-processing is the last process to ensure the quality of the painted products. In this link, the spraying effect is fully inspected, and defective products are selected for repair or secondary processing to ensure that the quality of the product meets the standards. Qualified products can be shipped after packaging. According to our production statistics, the qualified rate can reach more than 98%.


6. Quality control and environmental protection:


Quality control is crucial in the entire coating production line. Each link needs to be strictly implemented in accordance with the process requirements to ensure that the product quality and performance meet customer requirements. At the same time, environmental protection is also an issue that needs to be highly valued in the operation of the production line, and appropriate measures should be taken to reduce pollution and protect the environment.


Dust-free workshop for coating production line

The process flow of the automotive parts coating production line is a complex and sophisticated process that requires a highly professional team and advanced equipment to support. Only through strict quality control and management can high-standard automotive parts be produced. For example, some automotive plastic parts need to be equipped with high-demand dust-free workshops for production. Strict control of each link is to ensure the final product quality and performance.


With the continuous advancement of technology and changes in market demand, the automotive parts spraying production line is also constantly optimized and improved to adapt to the increasingly complex market environment and customer needs. If you are interested in automotive parts coating line equipment, please leave a message to Attractivechina or contact us for professional solutions.

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